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Hi everyone! I just released Clojure wrappers for XGBoost now we can train, store and predict using the full power of XGBoost directly from our REPL! If you have time, try it and let me know how it feels!

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very cool, @justalanm — xgboost + mxnet is a hell of a toolkit for clj folks to have access to.


do you have more info on what the tools.deps issue is? (I guess I could poke at it and discover it for myself if need be…)


also, I’ll be giving a talk with some data science/machine learning parts, for anyone who’s going to conj (or might want to catch it after):

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@bkamphaus thanks! Regarding the tools.deps issue, the problem is that Xgboost doesn't have jars on Maven, only poms, and it seems that tools.deps is not able to handle this case


ok, got it, thanks!