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Sadly, my basic talk on Lacinia wasn't accepted at Clojure/West ... but I see a few GraphQL talks on the slate, presumably involving Lacinia. I'm open to reviewing slides or otherwise helping out, just reach out via DM.

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wait are they doing clojure/west again?


I submitted for the conj in Raliegh. Don't know if or when they'll do a west coast show again. I was very happy it was in Portland; that's where I live and work!


I guess last year’s talk covered the basic ground though? It must be hard for conferences now that videos are available online.


I know that part of the organizers goals is to give opportunities to people who haven't spoken at conferences as much as I have, and then on top of that, to say that the new talk is just an incremental update of the old talk ... well, I didn't have high hopes. The thing is, the kind of technology I tend to work on is what I call "asphalt", the very boring base line that other interesting things are built on or run on. A lot of what I work on is boring, but boring in a good, predictable, useful way ... but not a great subject for a conference talk.


Additionally, they prefer talks that are "I did X with framework Y" rather than something that sounds more like a sales pitch for for framework Y.