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Hi guys. With the latest react-native 0.57 I've encountered a really nasty issue with the metro bundler producing invalid JS on my production optimized builds. I've reported the issue and documented a workaround here


Did some of you also run into this?


@chpill Sounds nasty but haven’t updated yet, still on 0.56


@vikeri I feel you, those react-native upgrades and the amount of breakage they bring with them is a real pain 😢


Another interesting thing I found out by looking at metro recently: I guess many of you have had issues with node running out of memory when bundling (caused by babel choking to death trying to build an ast from a huge file). Babel has a way to declare that some files should simply be ignored. So if you use something like .re-natal, you can add this to your .babelrc

  "ignore": [
This used to break the metro bundler, so you could not use it, but it has been fixed very recently through I have applied the patch locally on my node_modules, and I haven't run into memory issues since. This solutions feels a lot cleaner than the crazy stuff I've seen in the wild (like manually triggering some node gc...). Hopefully it will be available through the next release of react-native


What are you guys' thoughts on reagent vs. om vs. rum for a react native project?


Given that you typically cache more data on the client the value of minimizing HTTP requests in om-next are less attractive. We went with re-frame and are very happy with that choice.


I'm just getting started and don't know what I'm doing, so bear with me... I've created a new expo project with lein new expo my-project +reagent, and have lein figwheel running. When I run expo start and try to open the app on my phone, I get this error:

[14:05:44] Loading Closure base.
[14:05:44] Shimming require

[14:05:46] Network request failed
- node_modules/whatwg-fetch/fetch.js:441:29 in onerror
- node_modules/event-target-shim/lib/event-target.js:172:43 in dispatchEvent
- ... 8 more stack frames from framework internals


I had the same issue and for me I needed to open up my Mac’s firewall for node


Also, if I dismiss that error screen in the Expo app, it says, "Waiting for Figwheel to load files." Perhaps that has something to do with this. 😛


Figured it out. For future reference, if you have this issue, source resolved it for me. Step 6 here: I must have seen the [optional] heading and skipped over it, then forgot about it. 😛


I'm partial to Rum, I like how it works best


Reagent + re-frame is a lot more common, you'll find a lot of resources out there for them