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For those of you interested in vega and vega-lite, I've forked vizard into something that supports both, and also let's you compose little dashboards via hiccup. Would love feedback:


The limitation I think with hiccup.. with that you can’t re-generate eg. real-time dashboards. Better to use Reagent or OM for these type of jobs.


Actually those things (hiccup and a Reagent/ReFrame) are completely orthogonal to vega-lite and its use. You could certainly mix them to great effect.


In fact, I have said here in the past, and am even more convinced now, that using Reagent/ReFrame with vega-lite and proto-repl could produce a killer Clj/Cljs 'notebook'. If I had the cycles, it would be a great thing to create.


I didn't try proto-repl. I check it. Maybe (klipse use this) or similar solution could be great too. I used vega-lite with reagent-reframe. I'm new in clojure (6m-1y), so I can't say I could help a lot.


Jline3 is interesting too.