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Well, one big thing would be publicity. I just found today, everything else I’ve done has been through trial and error, and tenacity.


should be a link to the repo. always looking for more contributions


i'd love for you to write up some of the infrastructure stuff. maybe a way to test locally and then how to run the "gauntlet" of tests with docker


Happy to. One thing I’d like to propose, however, is switching Cider away from evm as the functionality it provides is subsumed by docker if one is willing to adopt docker in one’s daily development workflow. I also have my eye on cask because what it provides (dependency management, launching emacs with its own isolated packages and init) can be done in other ways. [Edit] Also the cask project has been seeking a new maintainer for quite a while.


👏 A Docker-based workflow sounds much more attractive than emacs-specific versioning tools.


Oh, and completing the trifecta would be moving from Travis CI to CircleCI which is sort of connected to the docker workflow.


Because CircleCI has much saner docker support in the builds.


i would read the hell out of that blog post 🙂


I’m completely fine with starting the switch to Cicle CI for CIDER and friends. My patience with Travis CI is wearing pretty thin these days.


We can start with the free plan and take it from there.


Hello, I just started to use Cider (w/ spacemacs), got a message saying that cider doesn’t support running Clojurescript tests 😞. I know there are other options such as phantom, karma, etc. Just wonder what is the normal workaround if someone wants to use Cider and running some specific cljs tests (not all tests)