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@aaelony with classic gorilla-repl (which we're using) you add a leiningen plugin to the project, then you start a server by doing lein gorilla on the command line


(I usually specify the port not to have it change every time)


the weakness here is data viz libraries - current unsatisfactory solutions are gg4clj (ggplot2 basically), using incanter for plotting, and want to try this as well but haven't yet


we might invest some time in making a better option with


There is also org-mode, and org-babel, which does not require any changes to my Clojure projects, supports mixing and piping output with other languages, supports latex/ggplot/gnuplot/whatever, generates PDFs, webpages, or presentations, and does practically anything I've seen in notebooks and much more. The only drawback is that it does not work in browser but in emacs, and it does not offer live editing in browser, but on the other hand, it can generate display in browser, and I am not sure how many readers of notebook files actually edit the code instead of just reading it.


that is fair. sounds like a reasonable solution