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I’ve checked out fulcro-template yesterday, but I am having difficulties with compiling the clojurescript. When I start the figwheel REPL, it gives the error

Failed to compile "resources/public/js/test/test.js" in 31.183 seconds.
----  Could not Analyze  resources/public/js/test/fulcro/client/routing.cljc  ----

  No such namespace: cljs.loader, could not locate cljs/loader.cljs, cljs/loader.cljc, or Closure namespace "cljs.loader" 

----  Analysis Error : Please see resources/public/js/test/fulcro/client/routing.cljc  ----
I’ve tried updating the clojurescript version to 1.9.854, but I keep getting the same result.Googling this gave me no guidance. Does anyone have an idea what the problem and a solution may be?


I was working on dynamic loading in fulcro. I didn’t realize that got pushed into the template yet. Your solution is the right one though..unless you’re still ending up with the wrong version of cljs


@liesbeth I’m checking it now. I’ll push a fix if it’s broken, which it may be 😕


I just released 1.0.0-beta7. The updated template uses it. Some important notes: 1. I had to change the networking API due to a circular dependency. app is no longer passed to start. If you’ve written custom networking, you’ll have to send app to it from the started callback. See upload_server.clj for an example. 2. As a result of (1), fulcro-spec 1.0.0-beta7 is required if you’re working with 1.0.0-beta7 of fulcro.


The devguide has a number of improvements, and there is now a partially written reference guide.


make sure you clean your env….it should work now


@tony.kay I’ve pulled the changes and had some trouble, but after checking out the whole project again, it worked 🙂!


Thanks for letting me know you were having trouble!


has anyone used hugsql with the setup from fulcro-template ? Trying to get it to reload on server restart.


@claudiu I would think if you reload the clj namespaces that call def-db-fns and such it should work. Are those paths part of set-refresh-dirs?


@tony.kay yes. Will give it a try with a fresh fulcro-template, maybe my setup has something. It does have that strange part with read .sql & generate the functions in the namespace, thinking reload needs special attention because of that.


@tony.kay is it possible to use subdomains in fulcro application?


@a.espolov yup, this is more outside of fulcro concern actually, but yes