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@borkdude, hello! When I use clojure-extras, evaluate top form (inline) then all printlns are suppressed. How to redirect println to terminal where my active repl/jvm session is run ?


This is a question for the maintainer @brcosta :) If you have clj-kondo questions, then please come to #clj-kondo :)


I also don't know if @cfleming would be ok if we used this channel to discuss clojure-extras issues, if so, we could dedicate a new channel for this. Please let us know, I don't want to get on anyone's nerves.


We can at least use 🧵 for discussions. /cc @brcosta @U097654L8


(defn abc [a b]
  (let [x (* a a)
        y (* b b)
        result (+ x y)]
    (println "result" result)

(abc 2 4)


println is suppressed. I can't see result of println (neither in terminal, nor in repl/cursive window)


ok, I’ll take a look later today


you can also make an issue here @U097654L8


Yeah, it’s probably better to create a separate channel, since I can’t really do anything about extras issues.

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OK @brcosta: #extras-idea-plugin or so? I'll let it up to you to create it :)

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Hi @U097654L8, created #clj-extras-plugin for this reports, also 0.5.0 is released with the fix for stdout redirection, please give it a try 🙂


@brcosta When the inline eval hangs forever with a Evaluating-popup, what could be wrong?


@UBKAXK5QB There is now a #clj-extras-plugin channel, I think it'd be good to post there

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@brcosta see example in a thread.

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Kari Marttila16:01:57

Anyone noticed some weird behavior with Cursive and Integrant? I have a Cursive remote REPL configuration (nrepl). Occasionally I change some function and re-evaluate that var (i.e. not with Integrant (reset) but sending the function to re-evaluation) - and still there seems to be the old functionality. I give command (in-ns 'my-ns) and then *ns* both in terminal clj session and in Cursive REPL window: they tell that the my-ns is different, example: • In terminal repl: #object[clojure.lang.Namespace 0x1111111 "my-ns"] • In cursive repl: #object[clojure.lang.Namespace 0x2222222 "my-ns"] I'm a bit puzzled with this.


I’m not sure about this, sorry. The only thing I can think of is that it might be related to Cursive’s default behaviour of evaluating in the file ns, which is different to evaluating in the current ns of the REPL? See e.g. here for a problem (not the same as yours) which is also as a result of this behaviour, with a bit of explanation: