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Good Morning!

Ben Hammond13:01:04

I have a js/WebSocket question: I connect a WebSocket to an APW APIGateway; It stays running for a minute or so, then it disconnects with a 1001/Gone Away Does this just mean that I have not send enough data through it? Do I need to arrange my own Heartbeat message?

Ben Hammond13:01:45

I am only really interested in WS for server->clent callbacks; all the client->server stuff is done through plain old REST

Ben Hammond13:01:15

Good Morrow by the way


I was briefly looking at this myself, but haven't tried anything with it yet. Do you have a Lambda that responds to it?


and do you get the disconnect event on that side of things?


Often API gateways of various stripes will have a max connect/read/write timeout and after that it will close the connection for you to be 'helpful'

Ben Hammond14:01:09

yeah I suspect that Is what is happening and therefore I have to generate a useless piece of > I'm still here you know traffic every couple of minutes

Ben Hammond14:01:35

I do have a default lambda that just responds with "DEFAULT"

Ben Hammond14:01:55

and I do see disconnect events on the server side


we had to implement a similar heartbeat message on our websockets when we were using AWS classic load-balancers. now we're using AWS application load-balancers and i have a vague recollection the heartbeat is not required anymore, but it's still there anyway

Ben Hammond15:01:29

oooh interesting I'm not aware of using any load balancers at all but I guess that just means I am using the default

Ben Hammond15:01:13

its a typo for AWS

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Ben Hammond15:01:26

Re: Lateral Flow Tests: We receive two kinds of Lateral Flow Tests i) the packs of 7 with a short swab and a 15 minute duration that are sent by the ii) the packs of 3 with a long swab and a 30 minute duration that my son gets from his high school i) are plentiful, and reliably return negative ii) are hard to come by but reliably return positive for me, over the last week Given this, I'd rather test with ii) since it gives me more information but they are harder to come by... There's a shortage of tests anyway I guess there isnt really any way round that, is the I just have to keep stealing my son's LFTs from school...

Ben Hammond15:01:04

The long swab enables you to reach behind the tonsils whereas the short swab does not I suppose that is the important difference...

Ben Hammond15:01:10

although I have not tried mix-and-matching swabs from different tests


I only noticed there were new two tests yesterday after opening a new box… Both types had been provided by our pharmacist, who earlier in the year insisted on throwing two boxes into our bag without us even knowing/asking whenever we were picking other things up — so we have ended up with a small stockpile. I’ve never had any of them come back positive though


nor have I ever had any PCR test come back positive for me… though my wife tested positive once; and I’m convinced I’ve almost certainly had covid; potentially on two or three occaisions.

Ben Hammond13:01:24

we get through 4 tests a day, if actually going out as a family a box doesnt last very long...