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Kurt Harriger02:01:28

question when using shadow-cljs repl and go blocks I often want to print result of an async function but since I can’t block I need to do something like (go (pprint (<! (get-some-data))) and this will print the result to the js/console but in the repl I only see #object[cljs.core.async.impl.channels.ManyToManyChannel] and thus I need to tab back and forth from browser… is there any way to get the repl to wait for go blocks or promises?


My gut feeling is no. You might be able to replace the pprint with tap> and check it through the shadow-cljs console on localhost:9630?


Otherwise it’d be a better question to ask in #shadow-cljs, since this is getting pretty deep into the internals of how shadow-cljs’ repl works


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