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I don’t have a file DUMMY.clj :thinking_face:


@jeroen.dejong Yes, I’ve seen that one from time to time, I think it’s to do with the REPL but I’ve not tracked it down yet.


It happens after a refresh, upon which a formatter is run as well.


I could only find an old test that's disabled since 1.5.3 and a test in la-clojure if the clojure test were enabled, it would be possible to trigger it by running all the tests, but...


No, it looks like that file name is used when an AST is created from text, which shouldn’t have parinfer run on it. I’ll see if I can detect that case and fix it.


@U0567Q30W completely off-topic but, re-frame keyword resolution hasn't been working properly lately, is this because of platform bugs as usual?


No, shouldn’t be - what’s happening?


I can go to a keyword but I can't go back to the usages


So cmd-click works, but alt-f7 doesn’t?


in fact, alt-f7 does work, but CTRL+B doesn't


it used to show a small dialog with the usages


well, cmd-click used to do the same, and that's the behavior with variables, but it stopped working for namespaced kws


> A while ago, I made a change to allow keywords to be associated with definitions. Previously keywords had no definition, but simply came into existence on first use. But several frameworks define entities using keyword identifiers - spec and re-frame both do this. So I added the concept of keyword definitions, but the implementation wasn’t entirely successful. Cursive would then treat keywords used in these contexts more like vars, but it wasn’t obvious when that change happened and it was very confusing. It also led to things like Find Usages and Rename behaving differently when keywords were used in the two contexts (as a definition, and as a standard keyword in e.g. destructuring). In this release I’ve modified how this works - keywords now work as they did previously, but you can still navigate to the definitions if they exist and they still show up in the structure view as you would expect.


Can you file an issue for the differences you’re seeing now and I’ll see if I can fix them?


yes, thank you


@U5LPUJ7AP Thanks. Is alt-cmd-f7 what you want there?


sorry I don't use a mac. it's "Go To -> Declaration or Usages"


I have a feeling that it always goes to the declaration, because it moves the cursor to the beginning of the declaration, instead of going to the usages...


Oh, sorry, check the shortcut under Edit | Find | Show Usages…


I think it sounds like the problem is that Ctrl-B used to show that, but now doesn’t, is that right?


yep, that's what I want then


so this is "show usages" and alt-f7 is "find usages". today I learnt...


I’ll check why Cmd-B doesn’t do that any more.


I have updated the issue, since the problem is much simpler than what I thought


thank you a lot!


Great, thanks!


I also used to rely on this a lot. I could've sworn there was already an issue for it but I can't find it.


It’s definitely a virtual file of some kind, i.e. not one you’d have in your project.


One of the modules in my project has stopped resolving a namespace from a :local/root dep. I'm 100% sure it's actually on the classpath because I can load the namespace without error when using "Run with Deps" REPL option. If I use "Run with IntelliJ project classpath", the namespace is not on the classpath.


I'm fairly certain it's related to changing branches.


And manually clicking the refresh button does not update the deps.


I’m trying to connect to an nREPL (shadow-cljs) in Cursive as a remote repl. I am using localhost and the nRepl port specified but get the following error. I thought with a remote repl you would just need a host/port. What am I missing?


Is there a Module selected in the Run Configuration? It's near the bottom under Common options


there wasn’t - none was available at the time. I’ve since re-created the project which includes a deps.edn and that got the project to show up in the available dropdown


now I’m just stuck with it not starting for a different reason =/


hah, I got it finally!


it wasn’t clear to me Cursive strictly needed a deps.edn or lein project or whatever to function