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I've been working on this thing that, while kinda fun, might be, well, useless: Going sorta back and forth on it. Thoughts?

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I switch between a few slack workspaces and themes help me quickly see which one I'm in. I've used the colors on for a trivial Clojure Slack theme. Maybe you'll find it helpful. #4165A2,#1A3A73,#63B132,#FFFFFF,#1A3A73,#D1D2D3,#91DC47,#EB4D5C

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how did you generate this?


Preferences > Themes and all the way at the bottom you can change the colors of the sidebar and copy the Theme there. When pasted in Slack it will create the Switch button.


that's a nice one, thanks @vojta.polak


I was noticing that keybase has these team. I added myself to the "clojurians" team and the admin added me ๐Ÿ™‚ Seems kinda locked down though. So I added another team called "clojurists" and opened it up to everyone to join. Thought it might be interesting to try it out to see how how it works, if anybody is interested - you can add yourself just by entering the team name you want to join.


comms are encrypted too, which is neat


Excellent, no longer can foreign governments spy on me and my stupid questions.


Imagine if the enemy realizes that Clojure exists. Weโ€™d be doomed.


They actually have "exploding messages" that you can set expirations on too ๐Ÿ™‚


unfortunately Keybase seems to have been conquered by the crypto fratboys


Iโ€™m getting spam from them about some coin drop blah blah blah

Zac Bir23:09:22

Meh, itโ€™s free mist money


Yeah, they dropped me 20 some bucks in Stellar coin. They say they're going to do it every month until the fund dries up. Not a bad perk I guess.


I mean, they're schtick is a key wallet kind of thing, so why not provide a crypto-coin wallet thing too? Makes sense I guess.