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is there a shortcut key for showing the diff window for a test failiure? since it's not printed anywhere i keep have to hover and quickly aim the Show difference... link in the popping up bubble it's not very productive 😕 i would rather see the error messages in the repl window, instead of just the test run summary the diff of course can't be shown that intelligently as the IDEs diff window, so i wouldn't expect that in the REPL output, but at least there should be a key shortcut for it. btw, im using cmd-f1 for showing the error popup, so it's not really convenient to reach for the mouse afterwards, just to show the diffs too


@onetom There isn’t, but you’re right, there should be. The easiest way to show the diff is to click on the gutter icon on the left, but you’re right, it needs a key.


i haven't realized that icon is clickable. that's already one action less, so it helps, thanks! it's easy to misclick it though and place a breakpoint instead, accidentally.


I've just checked and it's even documented on I should be more thorough reading docs!


Not sure what would be a good shortcut for it. Cmd-D is the default in other tool windows for showing diff, but in the editor it's duplicate line or selection, which is quite important. At least I use it all the time... Cmd-D — Duplicate Line or Selection Cmd-Shift-D — Smart Search Documentation in Dash Cmd-Opt-D — [macOS] Show/Hide Dock Cmd-Ctrl-D — [macOS] Dictionary Lookup I guess Cmd-Shift-D is a good candidate, since it's only taken when the Dash plugin is installed. Shall I make a github issue about this or no point?


Perhaps it could be an intention - “Show diff for error”, only available when actually on an error marker.


Yes, an issue would be good, thanks.


The intention would mean you’d just use alt-enter.

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Mark Addleman13:08:56

The fewer magic keys I have to remember the better 🙂


Yeah, I like intentions for that, and also for being context-sensitive.

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