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Hi @dfehrenbach04, and welcome! Never heard of any altering of resolution in VS Code. Doesn’t mean it is not there, but anyway. 😃 As for the problems tab. That sounds like it is the linter. If you have linting enabled in Calva, this might be relevant:


If you are using the Clojure Lint extension, there is probably something similar for clj-kondo.


Yes, check :-)


The syntax highlighting is another issue… It would need to be handled in the tmLanguage grammar. Ghostwheel seems important enough to warrant a fix (which wouldn’t be too big, I think), but right now I do not have the time. Please file an issue about it, and I’ll add some info about what would need to be fixed. Then when I have time, or someone else feels like having fun, it can be fixed.


Ahah! Yes, it was a linting with Joker. Thanks for your help.

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