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Can someone tell me the reason for this message pls your project requires namespaces which need stubs to be generated


@simon If that message doesn’t go away when clicking on the “Generate” link then I’d like to know about it.

Oliver George23:06:11

Tell me when Cursive does error highlighting when I try and access a map with a keyword not included in the function spec. (because I'm an idiot and forget if the keyword is :value or :values sometimes)

Oliver George23:06:04

At that point I might be tempted to fly to NZ just to buy you a beer 🙂


@olivergeorge Hmm, yes, that would be nice. I’ll need to think about what’s required there - probably something like type inference but for specs, like spectrum does.


I’m sure you can mail order 🙂

Oliver George23:06:55

I imagine you're right. It'd be a well earned beer.


I do have that planned, but it’ll need a lot of investigation to know how far I can take it.


The nice thing about it is that it would work for CLJ and CLJS, whereas the current inference only works for CLJ.

Oliver George23:06:46

Sounds fantastic

Oliver George23:06:20

(I'm mostly in CLJS land)