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Hi all, Is onyx-http plugin (:onyx/type :output) support basic authentication?


@vladclj You can pass the request arbitrary arguments via :http-output/args.


@lucasbradstreet Lol - just upgrading my onyx version fixed the problem…. haha sweet


I have a new question though that I’ve encountered before. I’ve gotten my environment humming, I successfully submit a job, and it fails because the fns I have referenced in the catalog aren’t found. Previously I kinda did a side-run around it by :require’ing them in the namespace that used component to fire up Onyx. In that project (with every class gen-classed) it picked it up and life was grand. Now though, that’s not working no matter where I put the :require (totally not a proper fix I know). Worse, no classes are being generated. I’ve got an empty target directory. I’m sure I’m missing something basic - any ideas?


“clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: Handling uncaught exception thrown inside task lifecycle :lifecycle/compiling. Killing the job. -> Exception type: clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo. Exception message: Could not resolve symbol on the classpath, did you require the file that contains the symbol”


Generally we find it’s enough if you require from the ns which contains your main entry point, and starts up your peers


That’s the one that we usually gen-class


great, let me give that a go


is this true even if I’m calling an init fn from test?


(that’s my current use-case)


Hmmm guess not. It’s a bit unclear because Onyx is being ‘hot loaded’ from a runtime executed clj namespace by reference in arachne when you tell it to start. That makes identifying a ‘main’ harder. I added the require into the ns that spins up arachne (which spins up onyx as a component) which is the closest thing to a main as its called in my test. No joy.


Wierd. I’m going to try going with an actual main and see what happens via an uberjar. Hooopefully that will help me figure it out