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I get this one Cannot init ReplState component state: encoded string too long: 97607 bytes


when starting a repl. Only hit in Google points to an old conversation from this channel, which doesn’t seem to have a solution:


@grav Yes, the solution is in there: If you delete <project>/.idea/replstate.xml, you’ll lose your REPL history but it should fix the problem.


Seems like it fixed it for him.


Thanks! I’ll report if it doesn’t work 😉


Seems it got fixed by itself, somehow (I restarted IDEA at some point). This is my current replstate.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project version="4">
  <component name="ReplState" timestamp="1486975892603">{:repl-history {:ide [], :local [], :remote []}}</component>
and the error is gone.


@cfleming Thanks, But my question is sort of a newbie. I don't understand how to create a run configuration for Clojure script repl(brepl). I use mies[1] as template. I select Clojure REPL -> 'Local repl' -> 'Run nRepl with leiningen' -> Run. It starts repl with badge clj, so when I try to send code from Clojure script file to the repl it shows the error message, I'm smart and I switch clj to cljs (I understand that this switch does not start clojurescript repl but it allows me send code to the repl). But when I try to eval (.log js/console ) I see error ‘no such namespace js'. I have red about integration Cursive with brepl and there steps like: 1. Run brepl from terminal 2. Open browser on specific url 3. Connect to repl using 'Remote repl' 4. Eval (run) and (browser-repl) So is it possible run brepl without terminal and browser steps? Like it did for Clojure repl, no extra steps 🙂 Thanks [1] -


I had to re-image my computer. I reinstalled Intellij after the computer was re-imaged and installed cursive. After restoring settings.jar I cant do anything because I get this error from cursive all the time. Error running Unnamed: '1.8' is bad configured


anyone else have a problem like this?


missing jdk setting?


project structure -> SDKs


make sure you have a '1.8' jdk entry


and that its paths look reasonable


hmm I thought I configured it the first time let me check


ugh you are right


the project had outdated jdk stuff


I thought that did not persist


AFAIK the sdk config is global, but specific to an install


but the project files contain a reference to an sdk name, so they know which jdk to use to run stuff


Yeah, that’s right - if you check a project out from source control or whatever, you’ll need to create an SDK with the same name as you used previously.


@maksimrv So right now, there’s no built in one-step CLJS REPL, but that’s one of the next things I’m going to work on.