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@yuris: Yes, you’re absolutely right, Clicking on the Tools icon does indeed re-instate the keyboard short-cuts. Thanks for letting me know. At least I can get the keyboard behaviour back. The lines between IntelliJ and Cursive are quite blurred, it’s difficult to know where the responsibility lies. @cfleming did say he would take a look but he’s a busy guy and has either forgotten or just not had time yet. I’ll maybe try and raise an issue with JetBrains and see if they come up with anything. Thanks again. I’ve raised an issue with JetBrains here


@yuris: @cfleming JetBrains seem to be suggesting the resize Tool window problem is with Cursive.


@simax99: Sorry, I’m on holiday with the family at the moment and only working sporadically


@simax99: I can’ t see that page, it tells me page not found