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Hey @cfleming I presume you still didn’t get a chance to try this yet. Sorry to keep asking. I just mention it again in case you’d forgotten.


@simax99: which intellij version r u using? i was just working w 15.0.2 in the past few days and i had no issues w resizing


@onetom: Resizing is fine with keyboard when I open the REPL window. But when I actually run a Run/Debug configuration I lose the ability to resize with the keyboard. It’s very odd.


r u on a mac and trying the resize with cmd-shift-left-right? im using the mac os x 10.5+ layout combined w the cursive clojure keymap and it does work even after i've connected to a repl, though im trying a remote repl.


Yes, mac os x 10.11.2 + cursive clojure keymap but with a local repl. AFAICR same happens on my Windows 10 setup at work as well.


i am trying to set the cursive bindings (after setting intellij's keybindings to Eclipse (mac) ), i get an error saying current keymap cannot be modified


anybody know how to work around the above issue?


ok, figured it out. first make a copy, this allows it to be modified


guys, I had an accident here, I was working in a project on IntelliJ that I hand't started the git repository, then I started the git, add some files, checked that some was wrong, I was wanting just to remove the files from the cache, but I did a git reset --hard, which removed all the files... I wonder if IntelliJ has some cache that I could restore the files from


do you know if there is a way for me to recover this? intellij has any sort of internal cache?


R.Click -> Local History -> Show History


it says Nothing Here =/


Hmm - sorry that's the only way I know into an IntelliJ cache of any sort. The other things would be OS specific, looking at last night's backup etc. Or re-creating your work yourself as you will be quicker at it this time.


yeah, I guess I'll have to rewrite


@wilkerlucio: local history on the containing directory?


wasnt working, I think the git reset really removed all


at least getting it back was faster than I expected, the project is more progressed now than before the issue


@simax99: I noticed that same resizing weirdness long ago. It's more weird for me (maybe for you too) If I click on the Tools icon on the top right corner of the REPL window, where you have the Resize menu, and don't do anything else, just click on that wheel, then all of a sudden Ctrl-Shift-Left and Right start working. It annoys the hell out of me, since I'm keyboard centric. I never raised an issue since I'm quite sure it's an IJ quirk.