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@simax99: Neither can I, maybe it's private to you?


@cfleming: @yuris Perhaps the page is private to me. I didn’t realise. Not much to see really, JetBrains investigated the issue and they seem to think the problem lies with Cursive throwing some exception that is visible in the IntelliJ log file I sent them. @cfleming it’s not urgent we have a work around. This was JFYI. Enjoy your holiday:simple_smile:


I recently upgraded to version 15.0.2 and when I did so I decided to make use of the integrated VCS for Github instead of going to Github desktop like I had been doing and I just want to say how nice it is to make my commits inside IDEA. I know this isn't really a Cursive thing, but the combination of Cursive plus easy commits is just a real pleasure to work with all day long.


@cfleming: Just want to let you know how much I appreciate all the time and effort that you have put into Cursive. I can't imagine doing Clojure without it.


Actually, its Cursive + REPL + easy git commits == winning combination for me


plus refactoring


@meow: My list is even longer than that. Cursive + REPL + easy git commits + VCS local history + Debugger + Figwheel … you get the picture. So much awesome stuff simple_smile


Figwheel is awesome. I've yet to use the Debugger. Probably should give it a try one of these days.


In fact, I'm staring at a completely useless CompilerException java.lang.NullPointerException message right now.


You should give it a whirl. Breakpoints, stepping through code line by line, inspecting the content of vars the works...


Running unit tests inside Cursive should also be on the list.


Oh yes, so it should. I started using Expectations which is neat. Colin has it on his (very long) list of even more cool stuff to integrate Expectations into Cursive along side clojure.test.


Colin did a presentation on the debugger that you can watch here


@simax99: Thank you. I'll watch that sometime soon.


Hi all, is there a good way to get Cursive to pick up on new dependencies I added to project.clj short of restarting it?


I tried synchronize but that doesn’t seem to do it


@timgilbert: You can do Refresh Leiningen Projects (the “recycle” icon in the Leiningen tool window)


Hmm… how do I get there?


Oh, I see, on the right side


Awesome, that worked great! Thanks!


@simax99: Can you send me the log you sent to JetBrains?


@meow: @simax99: Thanks! I think that one of the unsung heroes of IntelliJ is the diffing, and how it’s integrated into the VCS - I love it. Top tip - from the commit dialog you can view the diffs with Cmd-D to revise the changes before committing, and when you do it from there you can step through all the files and type your commit message at the same time while you see what you changed.


@cfleming: yeah, I discovered that Cmd-D goes through all of the files - very nice indeed


@cfleming: realised why you couldn’t get to the issue I filed on their support system. Their support system seems to be completely broken at the moment.


@simax99: Thanks. I think they’re passing the buck TBH, there are some Cursive exceptions in that second log but they’re completely unrelated to what you’re seeing, and they’re not in the first log you sent after reproducing the problem (in fact, that one contains no exceptions at all).