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Hi! Is there a way to express disequality with core.logic in CLJS? Here is a small example what I would like to do:

(l/run* [p]
          (l/fresh [pos-1 pos-2]
                   (l/membero pos-1 [0 1])
                   (l/membero pos-2 [0 1])
                   (l/!= pos-1 pos-2)                 ;; pos-1 must not be equal to pos-2
                   (l/== p [{:x pos-1}
                            {:x pos-2}]))) says disequality constraints aren't available on CLJS. Is there a way around this? Are finite domains available on CLJS?


I can’t speak to core logic but you can express this kind of thing in a forward way with Meander. If you’re interested, feel free to share your problem in #meander.