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{org.clojure/core.memoize {:mvn/version "0.7.2"}} -- fixes a bug with memo-swap! and zero-arity functions -- -- follow-up to #clojure -- thanks to @teemu.kaukoranta for discovering the bug!

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Cora (she/her)03:06:59

I don't have a use case for it but there's probably a use for a cache that evicts the cheapest to generate ones first, based on duration to generate

Cora (she/her)03:06:44

or you could use the time to generate * number of times fetched or something

Cora (she/her)03:06:50

caching is interesting


[metosin/schema-tools "0.12.0"] is out. Schema-tools is a Clojure/Script library adding batteries for Plumatic Schema: walkers, schema & value transformers, Swagger / JSON Schema conversion, support for default values and more. This version add support for keyword->edn coercion for both JSON & String like already implemented in it’s companion lib, metosin/spec-tools. Download count about to hit 1M party-corgi

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