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We use asciidoc for documentation in our projects


and moved away from confluence


sounds like better suited for #core-async


something something future of programming something something


that lib will visually look at your browser and automatically generate code for you that will generate the page

Daniel Hines16:06:49

The Readme went over my head. Can you explain this any?


Not much... It's some over-the-head stuff. But I did attend a talk at strange loop where Kanaka explained it and it does work


Basically, there are already well structured ebnf grammars for html and css - he didn't have to write those


But he took them and hooked them up to clojure spec to procedurally generate random, valid html/css


then he uses some other techniques, with opencv (computer vision) to progressively adapt the output towards the desired target visual


Hello Clojurians, I have a question, a topic is a bit unusual, but still, would like to hear your opinions. The government plans to build a road through my country-side valley, and it will be a 4 lane transit highway, mostly will be used for lorries, which cuts through my private lands and the road will be roughly 50-60 meters away from my house. I feel rather sceptical regarding the project due to number of reasons. What do you think? What’s an European experience regarding building such roads through the Alps? A video demonstration of the project - here at 1:42, the closest building to the right is my house, circled on a photo here.

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