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does this make sense to you? I have a stream of events and I like to make replies, but I want to throttle by discord channel id. I'm thinking to use pub/sub and ensure the subs somehow (the channel ids are only known at runtime)


ended up with this, probably awful for some reason 😛

  [<in topic-fn >out]
  (let [topic->c (atom {})
        ensure-sub (fn
                      (@topic->c topic)
                      (let [c1 (a/chan (a/sliding-buffer 1))
                            c (<throttle c1 2000)]
                        (a/pipe c >out)
                         (swap! topic->c assoc topic c1)
        [m (a/<! <in)]
            [topic (and m (topic-fn m))]
            (a/>! (ensure-sub topic) m)
            (recur (a/<! <in))))

Drew Verlee07:12:48

i started thinking about your problem, then i started reading this post

Drew Verlee07:12:32

i belive zach built a lib around the idea of windowing and backpressure bc he couldn't make core async work the way he needed.

Drew Verlee07:12:57 talks about throttling but i didnt look at the implementation at all.


gonna check 👀