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Andrew Brown16:12:01

This is Andrew. Good morning from Minnesota in the US. I've been chipping away at Clojure over the last few years as I started to reach for more functional programming techniques in my day-to-day work. I'm still very much a beginner but this is naturally a great place to reach out for help. I also really enjoy the history of computer science, so I figured I'd post a fun (and relevant) link about Lisp at NASA's JPL. Thanks!

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Interesting read, thanks for sharing

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Ahmed Amer23:12:36

Hello to the smartest people on planet earth, its Amer from Egypt. I like Clojure as I worked professionally using it for a year, unfortunately the company stopped using Clojure. So now Iā€™m translating/writing popular graph algorithms into Clojure for fun:). šŸ‘‹

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