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Nechemya Ungar06:12:39

java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to resolve symbol: qualified-keyword? in this context, compiling:(malli/core.cljc:167:51) Hi all: I have run into this error last week, at the beginning lein clean would resolve the issue but now our clojurescript project would not compile with malli . If we add malli to our dependencies in project.clj and require malli.core the compiler spits out the aforementioned error. Is there a minimum clojure/clojurescript version? this is our versions:

[org.clojure/clojurescript "1.10.439"]
[org.clojure/clojure "1.8.0"]
Thank you 🙏


Qualified-keyword? was added in 1.9

Nechemya Ungar08:12:25

wow, thank you for pointing it out (I am new to clojure) so I wonder why it worked in the 1st place


Well, you have the Cljs 1.10 so that does have qualified-keyword. If you aren't using Malli in Clojure side, the problem could be macro use from Cljs and perhaps you changed something that caused Malli to be required in Cljs macro compilation time (so in Clj side)?


And btw. Malli requires 1.10, there is another case why 1.9 isn't enough.


Readme mentions 1.10 now

Ben Sless10:12:50

tangential question, why were you using 1.8 to begin with?

Nechemya Ungar10:12:15

Well I came into the company half a year ago, I was doing typescript before... So I didn't touch anything related to the config

Nechemya Ungar10:12:51

The code base is immense I thought using some schemas can help and malli was recommended to me over spec


released [metosin/malli "0.7.5"], a fifth patch since 0.7.0, accumulated changes: • can load malli type configs automatically from new location (`.clj-kondo/metosin/malli-types/config.edn`), thanks @borkdude. • use for fast pretty-printing the clj-kondo configs • updated dependencies • schema inferring supports value decoding via options • :map-of inferring can be forced with `:malli.provider/hint :map-of` meta-data • :tuple inferring (supports type-hints and threshold options) • FIX Function with Sequential return value cannot define as function schema • FIX `decimal?` predicate schema was removed in 0.7.0

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