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Anthony Khong10:10:28

Hi all, do you use If so, do you install vim-fireplace too? If not, what alternatives do I have?


I myself use vim-sexp + conjure, so far found conjure to have a nicer dev experience than vim-fireplace, especially with the nice output window. Otherwise you might have better luck in #vim to find alternatives, as this channel is conjure-specific

Anthony Khong11:10:56

I’m pretty set on Conjure, but I do want to use vim-cljfmt, so I thought I’d ask in the Conjure channel, as it’ll be people with on the same boat as me.


@anthony550 If anyone wants to use that right now you'd need to have fireplace since I think that's the only thing it supports 😢 I'd love to PR in Conjure support if it detects it, or maybe just fork it, delete the fireplace part and add Conjure calls. Probably wouldn't be too much work, I just haven't got time to do it right now. I think modifying an existing plugin is the way to go rather than adding it to Conjure as a core feature, I think. Only because formatting is an opinionated thing and requires extra dependencies etc, so Conjure having tools for that would need to be suuuuuper configurable to support everyone's needs. A couple of plugins that do things exactly how the users want however... that'd be really nice.

Anthony Khong11:10:50

I see, thanks for the thorough answer @olical as usual! In that case, I may have to install vim-fireplace for now, and drop it in the future. Do you know if having vim-fireplace will disrupt conjure in any way?


Both should be okay side by side, they don't step on each others toes as far as I know 😄


I would love to provide a cljfmt for Conjure, but I'm hoping someone else will step in and handle it for me before I get to it I guess 😅

Anthony Khong12:10:45

Ooo, is that an invitation/challenge?? 😆 Honestly, I would love to take a stab at it, but I would want to do it in a way that sparks joy. So instead of forking vim-cljfmt, I’d want to write it from scratch with Aniseed. It’ll be very educational for me, because I’ve never used Lua or Fennel or Aniseed before. Looking at the source for vim-cljfmt, it looks doable I may have to ask you many questions though!


Fair enough! If you do take up the challenge (obviously no expectation at all) then I'll be more than happy to help answer questions and support you through it

Anthony Khong13:10:35

Alright. It’s on! I’ll give it a shot.


And it means I can distribute some maintenance of some specific fiddly areas of tooling into other plugins that rely on Conjure at their core to handle the fiddly "just eval this stuff" parts.


So I can focus on the fiddly parts in the middle and give other people a good platform to build all sorts of cool tooling on top of 😄


And yeah, I just rely on == / =- with vim-sexp + some manual tweaking for all of my formatting. I haven't use a Clojure formatter that worked in every way myself and my team liked since I began doing it full time 😬


What does =- do? Can’t find it by google...


Indents up to the root form


I think it's maybe a sexp thing?


this is my flow too, never had the need for cljfmt


Found a @nick548 in the wild 🙂