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Hi all, we're looking to hire a new Clojure engineer at Polecat. We're a small company that does reputation intelligence, which basically means analyzing online content to try and understand companies' reputations. We're 100% remote! We're prioritising hiring from countries where we already have employees - UK, US, Netherlands and Poland - but are willing to look outside this for the right candidate. The Clojure stack includes Lacinia (GraphQL server) and Datomic, and we work a lot with Kafka and ElasticSearch. There's more info at this link but also feel free to DM me: Edited 26th Oct: this originally said "open to applicants from anywhere" but I have since found out it's unfortunately more nuanced than that. Priority goes to applicants from countries where we already have employees (UK, US, Netherlands and Poland) due to the overhead of hiring in new countries. However if there's a really compelling reason to consider an applicant from outside these locations then we can make make a case for it. Apologies all for the lack of clarity.

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