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Frameworkless Biz Logic Implement the core business logic of our apps without reference to any framework. Too often, the core business logic of our apps is coupled too tightly with whatever framework a team has chosen to piggy back on. This has the unfortunate result of obscuring simple business logic with the complicated realities of things like serialization, concurrency, and other banalities of software development. This talk will take a pure Clojure solution to a typical problem (that of maintaining a loan book) and demonstrate how the exact same solution can be adapted to a variety of frameworks. The payoffs to this approach will be immediately apparent to many of us but when we're "in the trenches" it is easy to forget so the talk will also demonstrate how - We can leverage clojure.spec to gain high confidence in the correctness of our domain logic without writing any tests ourselves - We can re-use the same domain logic on both client and server frameworks - As whatever framework we use evolves, we can quickly and confidently upgrade because references to it are isolated to a small section of our codebase