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as a result of scripting / timeouts, there is a boot task that may or may not be alive. is there a way o say "if there's no 'boot foo' runnin, run 'boot foo', if there is one already running, kill it, and then run 'boot foo'" ?


@qqq can you achieve this simply with an atom that tracks the running state of the foo task ? Just saying, not sure it's good/reliable.


sbecause running two shell commands, afaik, would create two separate jvm


good luck then, I have no idea.


@qqq sounds like you might use some shell magic for that


yeah, indeed, there are solutions involving grep


but I was hoping boot wrote out it's pid on running in the directory


so I could just kill -9 that pid


@qqq yep I am not aware of that feature, grep should work fine


I'm having an issue running my tests with cider. They run fine the first time, but afterwards they simply say give me an error: Alias g already exists in namespace oss-world.gui-test, aliasing oss-world.gui? What's the best way to fix this (running them in Emacs with cider, but through the boot repl I would guess)


Actually testing is working fine, I some how added a require that required its own namespace, which was causing the problem. Oops 😕


hey all i’m a little confused on how to properly align the configs so I can use a .cljs.edn file? the example given here: doesn’t seem to utilize the :require or :init-fns defined here: . When you specify a :compiler-options {:main my.init.ns}} boot will warn you that the main namespace is being overridden. How, then, is one supposed to configure the .cljs.edn file to work with boot?


@lwhorton Do you have Boot-cljs 2.1? Support for :main was added in the latest release


.cljs.edn :require and :init-fns are from time before Cljs :main and :preloads, and I only at the latest release got around to supporting the new options without breaking old configurations


^ oh my goodness I’ve been trying to get this working for hours and didnt think to check the boot-cljs version