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Is there any interest in separating out #slack-meta from #community-development , so that broader clj community development discourse stays here, but things pertaining to discussion of this slack workspace itself (eg discussions of useful integrations, etiquette, threading etc) can go there. Whether #slack-meta gets merged with or transformed from #slack-help I have no opinion, though keeping them separate may have utility. Also, #slack-meta is just my first-guess name candidate, but whether the word 'meta' here is obvious across cultures and english familiarity etc I have doubts.


Discussions of etiquette belong in #community-development IMO. In some ways, I'd say threading is an aspect of that too. And we don't want to fragment the Slack community discussion too much.


Re: integrations -- the baseline response from the Admin team is "no, we're not granting that integration" so there shouldn't be much discussion about that. That's partly because if we lose sponsorship, we'll be back on the free plan -- and that has limited integrations, which was where we developed the policy of "no" as the first response to any integration. Additionally, every integration causes work for the Admin team, not just in setting it up but also imposing a maintenance burden on us as Slack changes things and security and/or API changes are made.

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(and I just denied your request for CodeStream Sharing BTW under those grounds)

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How much would the pro version of Slack cost if we didn't get it for free? If we were to lose the free upgrade, perhaps Clojurists Together or some other organization would be willing to sponsor it, seeing that Slack is the most active communication channel we have as a community.


Tons of dough. It has been discussed at length(s) and it is basically a no-starter.

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@U0ETXRFEW, I see. I suppose that's a decent argument against using a commercial platform as the community center, although people tend to coalesce organically in preferred places. I'm not too fond of the idea of not owning our communication, potentially losing access to search history in the future, etc.


A rather relevant piece from Drew DeVault that I largely agree with: But I'm not sure how feasible an artificial Slack exodus is.


Get used to the idea, @U01PE7630AC Some searching in the slack history we temporarily enjoy should show you the piles of victims from each time that battle has been fought. 😀

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That article was written before Slack agreed to give the Clojurians Slack community a free commercial license (which they can decide to renew, OR NOT, each year, at their choice)


We also preserved a lot of those early discussions about a "Slackopalypse" and alternatives:

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It would be awesome if Slack chose to offer a free Slack community the option for individual members to pay $8/month for unlimited search history, with independent billing for each member, but they do not offer such a billing option. Only all or none for an entire Slack community.


There are typically 1,000-2,000 "active" users here -- which is what Slack considers for billing -- so I think the last time we priced it up, we were looking at around $8k per month via the cheapest option. So sponsorship is worth a lot for us.

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Personally, I'd be happy if everyone left Slack in favor of Zulip but for all the vocal minority that doesn't like Slack for "reasons" (some good, some... tenuous at best), most folks prefer Slack for "reasons" (again, some good, some... inertia).


@U0ETXRFEW As I tried to say in the article I linked above, there is no battle here. There is periodic discussion where some people argue moving elsewhere besides Slack. Individuals make the choice of what communication platforms they choose -- there is no dictator forcing these decisions, and people want to communicate where others can respond to them quickly and expertly, if such a thing is available.


@U0CMVHBL2 indeed. People stayed with this slack even when it was severely limited. Reaching others is the important thing.

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Herding cats, etc. 🐈