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@seancorfield to be honest I don't mind not having history, but I wish their feature was based on the last N messages instead of the last T time period. If I had a 10 message private chat with someone a week ago I can't access it anymore


It's not a big deal; just a minor pet peeve :)


It is based on last 10,000 messages.


But it's 10,000 across the whole Slack. And we have about 15,000 messages a week here.


Ah, that explains things!


As an admin, I get a weekly report. Most are in public channels but it also includes DMs.


I'm thinking of another Slack I admin. Clojurians is just under half public. Here's last Monday's report: Your team sent a total of 15,622 messages last week (that's 2,713 more than the week before). Of those, 44% were in public channels and 56% were direct messages. Your team also uploaded 88 files (that's 15 fewer than the week before).


So Clojurians' messages have a shelf life of 4-5 days.