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Another friendly heads up: now getting 504 gateway time-out errors.

oxalorg (Mitesh)07:05:22

Sorry for this! It's up now 🙂


Perhaps it's an idea to harvest the existing pages of clojurians-log using a tool like wget or httrack (seems unmaintained?) and just host these pages on a Github pages somewhere.


I know the clojurians log is "more involved than just static content" but at least we have some static content to fall back on when this service is .. out of service :)


we could harvest those pages every day, that seems more than enough


and perhaps only going back one month, which seems reasonable since edits aren't probably going to be made further back than that


I proposed this in the past once to make the serving of the pages more static, instead of calculating them on demand. At least this can be cached somewhere I guess and decoupled from the whole datomic stuff?