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EsakkiSundar Varatharajan12:05:21

Hello Clara Gurus, I'm a newbie and just getting started with Clara Rules and planning to use it with Java. I'm getting an error when trying to run the code. `ExceptionInInitializerError: Syntax error compiling at (example/shopping.clj:2:3). clara.rules.accumulators` I'm attaching the project source for your reference. Could you please help. Please install Maven. Go to your project root directory and to compile the project execute `mvn -q compile` To run the code `mvn -q exec:java -Dexec.mainClass=example.ClaraExampleMain`

Linus Ericsson13:05:05

you have a syntax error in the import clause, there are ))) on the second row. should be )) (ns (:import (example Customer Promotion Order)) (:require [clara.rules.accumulators :as acc] [clara.rules :refer :all])) like so

EsakkiSundar Varatharajan13:05:05

Thanks a Lot Linus for your help and support. Highly appreciate your time and effort for spotting this out. It works fine now.