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@mfikes I will probably need some assistance with setup, I wanted to migrate canary repo and it does not show up in my list of repos under cljs-oss org, not sure what is wrong, because module-deps is there


Not that it makes any big difference, but why not CircleCI? They’re a Clojure shop and some of their employees lurk around in #circleci if problems arise?


for circleci we would have to implement a task runner on our side, similar to:


@darwin I too haven’t quite figured out the new Travis stuff. There is a magic “migrate” button that is supposed to make things seamless. The result of contacting them for the free open source plan was that they added 25,000 credits to my paid credit allotment (as opposed to OSS credits).


@mfikes thanks, already figured that out, I was missing the migrate tab, that was blocking repos already associated with org


@mfikes we will need to update all affected access tokens in .travis.yml in the jobs branch, the com tokens are different from org tokens

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@mfikes all looks good, my projects are working again with, your projects are broken because of old access tokens, see my notes here:


Canary is now fully migrated to the infra

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I’ve found that, under at least two similar usages, figwheel-main tests are no longer running after upgrading to ClojureScript v1.10.866. I’ve, but thought I should ping here as well.


If we can make a minimal repro (not involving Figwheel), we can file a JIRA.


Thanks Mike, that sounds totally reasonable. I could take a stab at this @U064J0EFR, but I am not familiar with figwheel-main source code.