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Sam Ritchie14:06:38

question… I’ve recently migrated #sicmutils to deps.edn, and included a src/deps.cljs in the process (why was I missing this before??) I had been including three cljsjs dependencies in my pom.xml, but actually running my tests and build with shadow-cljs, which of course doesn’t use cljsjs. The question is, now that I have deps.cljs, is there any reason to still include the cljsjs dependencies? The one I can think of is that the cljsjs dependencies have externs generated and set. I am not sure how to make the decision, or test it if I do decide to delete the cljsjs dependencies. would love some advice


the cljsjs dependencies you don't need at all when using shadow-cljs. nothing in them is used for anything.


however for non-shadow-cljs builds they may be useful?

Sam Ritchie02:06:01

If they don't clash then I guess keeping both is the way to do it. And if someone hits a problem they can exclude cljsjs or I will have written native versions of those deps anyway

Michelle Lim22:06:17

Is there a usable frontend cljs library or framework that's not React based? I might be starting to get React/Reagent/Re-frame fatigue, especially after dabbling in Svelte. I'll always love React, but it's nice to have variety

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There's a few at various stages: • I'm probably missing a few as well. I'm not sure how "ready to go" these options are. React tends to suck all the air out of the room and makes it harder for other options to grow.

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Interesting, thx for this listing @U7RJTCH6J


In my experience shadow-grove (not just arborist) is definitely worth checking out. Mostly lacks comprehensive documentation. Do check out the doc/arch folder. I'd written a tutorial with extensive code examples, but never released since it didn't seem @U05224H0W liked it very much 😄 There's a todomvc example in the repo and shadow-cljs UI is also a good source.

Michelle Lim06:06:36

thanks y'all, these look super interesting