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Can someone help me find a use case for issue ? I can’t see the value of using it in bricks and for the development environment we specify the paths in :aliases :dev :extra-paths .


Okay. Let’s see if he finds the question in the polylith channel.


btw, I’m working on issue right now, and I will add one more key stop-execution? to the test runner protocol:

(run-tests [this {:keys [class-loader color-mode eval-in-project stop-execution? is-verbose] :as opts}]))


It’s an atom that will be set to true if the user presses ctrl-c.


Ah interesting!


Re: alias resolution in paths - I'm afk this weekend but the idea is to be able to reduce repetition and duplication by putting common expressions in aliases and reuse that alias instead of repeating is contents (aliases are just data).


Okay. When you have time @U04V70XH6 (no hurry) could you maybe update issue 222 with an example or explanation where it will be useful for the poly tool? I’m just afraid that no one will use it in a Polylith context, but maybe I just don’t see the use case of it here!


My initial thought is that it won't be useful for Polylith because :paths are determined by convention mostly but, for me, it's a case of: tools.deps.alpha and the Clojure CLI supports it directly so, if Polylith is now paying attention to the actual contents of :paths, it should do it "correctly" like the CLI/t.d.a. does.


I'll try to find some time this week to dig up the exact code that supports it in t.d.a and link to that from the ticket.

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