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Hi 🙂 I don't know if this is the appropriate place to ask... Adding react 15.5.4 with webpack through foreign libs . reagent 0.7. all is fine. But thinking about react components that need react 16 while reagent seems to not work with 16, even in 0.8 version it is under conditions. React native 0.53 for example expects react 16, I think. Re-natal uses 0.53. Or maybe everything can work with react 15 ?! :thinking_face:


I am using reagent 0.7.0 with react 16.3.1 without issues.


@U662GKS3F thanks for responding! When I try 16.3.1, the views are rendered, but in the console I get two errors: cannot read property node of undefined - and. Component must not be nil - at core.cljs. And i left rendering only one div and still...


any chance you're using re-frame-10x? Last version that works for me is 0.2.0. I also have some react-highlight issues when upgrading re-frame-10x.


Yes ! You are the man! I used 10x version 0.3 which had hotfix 0.3.01 for react16 and upgraded to 0.3.2 and no errors. I had to look into dependenties... Thanks


I think our re-natal project works fine with React 16 and reagent


Is React a good approach for clojurescript anyway? Should there not be another one that fits better in functional programming?


react fits quite well in functional programming


in what way ?


Immutability and composability