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@mccraigmccraig I just merged the open PR and tweaked it a bit. Things should be working ok now on master.


When running an assertion with a (testing) where does the line number jump to? For me, the line number reported is on (testing) not the assertion that threw an exception.


The bidi tests are failing on (testing "set patterns") if anyone can lend a hand to ensure I'm not being crazy.


Okay, my finger tips are burning as I wipe away the holy water: yes, cider reports the line number of (testing)


Is that a bug or expected behaviour? Looks like it's only for exceptions, that's probably relevant.

dominicm21:04:27 It's using the line number of the exception, not the one of the failing assertion. That feels wrong, but that might just be me.


You’re right. The problem is that there’s not location information reported for something like is, so we just use it as a starting point to find the first is (or something like it) afterwards. Let me dig the related ticket.


Actually, the tickets seems different in nature, so it seems you found a bug worth reporting.