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@yogthos Do you know of any docs or examples that show how to mock/stub components for testing? The components page mentions it as a possibility, but its not a complete example.


@sveri ah I see, that's nifty. Are you familiar with the generated luminus template? I'm not sure where to fit something like that in


Nope, last time I used it was like 3 years ago. Sorry


For example, luminus starts the components in the tests [like so]( I can easily add another component to that start line, but how would I modify it to start env and app as normal with use mount/start-with on the other component


ah, luminus uses mount, I am afraid you cannot use my example then and unfortunately I have not used mount myself extensively.


yea, sorry, i was using the component term but it does use mount 😕


you can choose what states you start, and you can swap in alternative implementations for testing using start-with