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@erlis @shaun-mahood pluralsight's pay depends on how many people watch your content. I spoke with them a few years ago about making videos for them but later decided to go solo


For better or for worse :) it's easy to underestimate how much work it is. It takes me at least 3-4 days to make a ten minute episode, and yeah I'm three months in and it's easy to see how one could burn out on it, especially if few people are signing up and you're burning through your savings


There are more CLJS episodes coming in September, I want to get back to the React stuff, cover re-frame


I just hope it's just the summer and sign-ups will start going up in fall, or else I'm gonna be in trouble


@plexus: Yeah, Pluralsight sounds like an awesome gig for a few of the authors but I can't imagine it's that lucrative for anyone in a smaller niche or who doesn't produce content like crazy. I also found it really interesting watching the tekpub acquisition and what happened after that - no idea of the financial impact, but it certainly changed the content.


I know at least in the ruby community them acquiring peepcode has set a lot of bad blood. That's why I've been hesitant to work with them.


If anyone has questions about lambda Island I'm happy to help, either here or in DM. And please spread the word! ❤️


@plexus maybe a good idea for us to start listing video content sources as well as book sources on the new site to help?


@dnolen That would certainly be helpful!


hello! @risto i make very initial try to connect atom to reduxDevTools, (it has atom history state for rewind) (but i still learning, next thing is connection to reduxDevTools thru websockets, as his author suggested)


In clojurescript, when defining a macro (in a *.cljc file), how do I reference other macros defined by other libs?