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Should breakpoints in java libs (closure-compiler) work? I tried adding breakpoints both to the decompiled class file and the source


Oh, maybe I just had the breakpoints set up in places before the error


Is there a way to type hint CLJS browser events such as:

(defn navigation [event]
  (model/set-route! (.-token event)))
such that Cursive knows that .-token is the right thing?


@spieden: 1.4.0 is only in EAP at the moment, but 1.3.1 should be available.


After unchecking the box, go to Settings-&gt;Plugins-&gt;Browse Repositories and hit refresh - does that help?


@juhoteperi: Yes, that should definitely work. Breakpoints can be occasionally flakey in Clojure but they’re very reliable in Java.


@timothypratley: No, unfortunately. However it looks like this might help in the near future (I’ll have to add Cursive support for it):


I can actually add that support independently of CLJS - it will just only help Cursive, not the compiler, until it works there.


That was not the easiest sentence to parse - what I mean is that Cursive can have that support for completion, symbol resolution etc even if the compiler doesn’t support it.


Would be nice to have quickfixes to add the annotations etc.


A compile-to-typescript CLJS would be really nice.


Ah I see that makes sense yup. Yeah it seems that there is growing support for Typescript from libraries out there. 🙂 Glad to hear there are some good options available. I'm actually really confused how Cursive manages to resolve so many JavaScript symbols, it sure makes it easier to know when all the externs etc are correct.


Yeah, I’m actually planning to go over all the CLJS resolution soon, since it’s very confusing and I can’t keep up with all the different things required to resolve symbols correctly. Once that’s more accurate hopefully the warnings will be more useful.


I’m actually going to have to bump to the next beta build because of the subtleties involved.


CLJS is hard to keep up with.


Hahahaha totally. Yeah I can imagine that would be a doozy to handle 🙂