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@nate before starting this episode, want to let you know that I used lazy sequences for the first time to amazing effect — Ep 30 sample was so helpful! Allowed me to print out output from long running ffmpeg operation on a background thread, while accumulating it to be returned. Thank you!! ; Separates out I/O. Allows us to compose the processing. (defn process-log [filename f] (with-open [in (io/reader filename)] (->> (line-seq in) (f))))


Oh yes! I remember that episode and the progression toward laziness. Glad it helped you out.


(Can’t find forward quote key on iPhone keypad. :)


Oh yeah, that frustrated me too. Long press on the single quote and it's the far left one in the pop up. Quite inconvenient for longer code blocks, but at least it's there.


Whoa... 🤯🤯 yes!! Argh. I didn’t see it because I was pressing too hard — that difference between peek and poke that iOS introduced... thanks!!!!


Always happy to help. 👍