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Eric Ihli00:09:08

Anyone know how to set set a custom fill-column on a read-only results buffer? I'm running cider-pprint-eval-last-sexp to output some stuff to a popup buffer. The output only looks good at a fill over 100 columns. I don't want to change the fill globally. Just for cider-make-popup-buffer. Bah. As I'm typing this out, I'm thinking this is such a one-off I should just hardcode the change there in cider-make-popup-buffer and eval it when I need to do this. Ah hah.


Has anyone else made the switch from Spacemacs to Doom? Seems neat, but I’m not sure I can live without SPC k ….


I've tried Doom many times over the last couple of years and found it lacking the user experience of Spacemacs. Doom seems interesting if you want to custom and create your own way of doing things. Personally I want to get on and do things with Emacs, rather than spend time configuring it. The Doom keybindings feel un-natural and far less organised, especially across major modes. There were still many Clojure keybindings missing last time I tried Doom. I am still not keen on the Doom install process, I much prefer the simplicity of a git pull. I didnt find Doom any faster to run on the same machine doing the same tasks (where those tasks were supported). Doom is a great project, its just not for me.


Thanks for sharing!


I’ve experienced a surprisingly large performance difference between Doom and Spacemacs, even on newer hardware.


I go back and forth, Doom has increasingly felt more polished with the features it does have to me, while I like Spacemac's raw volume of features


Did you use SPC k much when using Spacemacs, and have you found a replacement in Doom? :thinking_face:


What is SPC k?


Why you can't use doom-emacs with that package installed and add a keybinding to SPC k for that?


I’m considering doing just that, but I’m wondering whether Doom users have a different approach that might be worth learning.


doom-emacs has a lot of opt-in/opt-out features and on same time allow you to install/add/set anything that you would do on vanilla emacs 🙂


you can easily use doom-emacs macros for installing a package with package! and map a keybinding with map!


I want map! and not define-key!?


I think map! uses define-key behind the scenes


This achieved what I was looking for:

(use-package! evil-lisp-state
  (evil-lisp-state-global t)
  :config (evil-lisp-state-leader "SPC k"))

👍 3

You're welcome 🙂