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Malik Kennedy07:09:26

Trying to follow to get REBL working. I clone into ~/.clojure and run

cd ~/.clojure/
clojure -A:outdated
Attached is the error, I've highlighted the part of the error I think is to blame.


There is a #practicalli channel for questions about the practicalli settings 🙂 I have recently changed the :outdated alias to use antq, so I will do some more testing. Thanks


There is a page on using REBL, including a section on using it with CIDER. The aliases were updated on August 28th, so ensure you have the latest changes from practicalli/clojure-deps-edn It also uses the Cognitect dev-tools install of REBL, so you should not need to update the aliases in ~/.clojure/deps.edn as they no longer include a :local/root style dependency.


I've run :outdated and pushed all relevant changes The JavaFX library version have been kept at 11 to match the stable release of Java. I am not currently testing REBL on intermediary Java release.

Malik Kennedy07:09:53

|          |              java-sources/java-sources |                                          |                          Failed to fetch |

Malik Kennedy07:09:51

I have updated the :java-8-sources and :java-11-sources keys to where it's installed on my machine as well.


If you have to define a :local/root for the REBL library, then you are not using the latest version of these aliases. I recommend updating and using the Cognitect dev-tools release of REBL.