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Morning chaps!


Good Morning


Gosh, is that the time


aset-boolean today.. (rcfotd) It is so specific! 🙂 I wonder when it gets so useful that justifies to add it to the core lib.. :thinking_face:


can you get your rcfotd bot to post in here @dharrigan? i've given up on twitter


on second thoughts, that probably counts as an integration and there are only a few of those on the slack free plan iirc


I’d be happy if I could do something like curl and get it on my CLI! 😁


Yeah, it would be a webhook, and I would strongly suspect that that needs permission to integrate.


Of course, there could be a new user of slack called rcfotd that is a member of this channel that programmatically posts


I'll look into it


@dharrigan it looks like the twitter integration is already added to slack, and that piping @rcfotd into this channel would just be another configuration of that app - and additional configurations don't seem to be limited (there are 15 separate configs of github/github-enterprise currently active on this slack)


Let me look into it over the weekend 🙂


looks like you might want to auth slack to @rcfotd

Edward Hughes14:02:31

If only more people paid attention to the issue that the Politburo has been more interested in saving face and maintaining information control than actually responding to the epidemic. Unfortunately those that do seem wont to fly off on wild apocalyptic projections of how bad the epidemic is supposed to be that aren't based on any consideration of the nature of the virus.

Ben Hammond15:02:45

the mortality still seems unclear

Ben Hammond15:02:12

I know it depends on so many other factors, but is it hovering around 0.5%? with 'normal' flu at 0.1%?


Where does 0.5% come from? The numbers I’ve seen quoted tend to be a bit higher (with caveats around the denominator), but I am extremely not an epidemiologist

Ben Hammond15:02:07

yeah quite a way out, according to sciam

Ben Hammond15:02:33

> So far this flu season, about 0.05% of people who caught the flu have died from the virus in the U.S., according to CDC data.  > The death rate for 2019-nCoV is still unclear, but it appears to be higher than that of the flu. Throughout the outbreak, the death rate for 2019-nCoV has been about 2%. Still, officials note that in the beginning of an outbreak, the initial cases that are identified “skew to the severe,” which may make the mortality rate seem higher than it is,

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Yeah I think 2% is the figure I’ve seen quoted most

Edward Hughes08:03:37

I saw a mortality chart, and it was in the .0x's for just about every demographic except retirees and people over 70, who were in the tens.


Anyone used psql functions that have an inner (nested) select that shows the use of a function parameter?


fixed btw, I was using the wrong datatype.


Also very appropriate that it started in Haskell County!


moin moin

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