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yeah, we ended up rewriting shadow's edn before invoking it... the namespace contribution analysis and module support are worth it though


Curious what you’re doing that means you want programmatic access? cc @U09LZR36F


nothing very exciting - we just have a bunch of build profiles with a couple of dimensions of settings which need applying - we have 3 versions of the app, each with web/cordova and dev/prod builds. this way we have a manageable shadow config, with no copypasta, and while we're at it we hook up the less and html processing too


ok so mainly just drying up config


Pretty much the same here. I like having a single file that describes the shape of everything to make things easier to find.


Good morning!


Morning everyone 🙂


Morning. I seem to have zoned out for about 18 months - sorry about that! :face_with_rolling_eyes:

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welcome back

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Ben Hammond13:11:08

heh. A kids play cafe turns into a play-aread craft-brewery, just down the road from tte I hope this turns outt to be a genius idea what could possible go wrong


Oh blimey is craft beer still a thing?

Ben Hammond14:11:31

well it is a bit nicer than tennants

Ben Hammond14:11:40

(or is that just the marketing)

Ben Hammond15:11:23

everybody wants to be the next BrewDog

Ben Hammond15:11:21

take a drink every time you read the word craft


I’ll stick to Sam Smiths thanks, I know where I stand with that. There’s only a few “craft” things I’d drink, most were gassy awfulness.


I’m not a huge fan of Brewdog, it’s okay.

Ben Hammond15:11:48

its only one letter away from graft

Ben Hammond15:11:11

yeah I agree BrewDog is somewhat overrated

Ben Hammond15:11:33

but it is nicer than alot of the tinnies out there


Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t touch Tennents with a barge pole either.

Ben Hammond15:11:14

i'd drink it if that's all there was

Ben Hammond15:11:25

I'm not a proud man


Desperate times Ben, desperate times 🙂


Devoxx UK Call for Papers has just opened. Please consider submitting lots of wonderful Clojure talks to this London based conference. ( also posted in #events )


>We record all Keynotes, Conference Sessions, Byte Size Talks, Deep Dives and Tools-in-Action Sessions. These are shared with our 91k+ YouTube subscribers. That's some BMT (Big Match Temperament) right there