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Here is an example how it looks like now running from both Cursive and directly from the REPL with (run-tests). If it's not something obvious to fix, then I guess it's less important than many other outstanding issues. My fallback plan is to use I hope that works better with Cursive


Can I stop this these warnings from showing up in a cljs repl?


I’m not sure, I’ll try to reproduce that to see. What sort of REPL are you running?

Lee Barney18:11:44

I'm trying to split my code across files but when I use the load function at the end of my core.clj file the RPL throws an exception. I've used the in-ns function in the other file. Is there a different way to do this in Cursive?


What’s the exception you’re seeing? That doesn’t sound Cursive-specific, but it might be. Usually you’d use namespaces and require rather than load-file.