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I’m not sure if I like that str is directly usable in schemas like that. From user point of view I’d assume my own namespace requires to apply, not implicit ones from within malli and in that case I’d rather see an error…I do see the usefulness of that, but it makes me go a bit :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Eh, maybe that’s just me…


you can explicitly allow certain qualified symbols to be used, could allow that via global options. I guess clojure.string is a dependency and is available for users of malli. BUT, might fail with advanced compilation unless explixitely registered those functions. Explicit is always better…


though of exposing explicitely some clojure.test.check.generators functions for generators, to enable portable generators with :gen/gen schema property. Those definitions should be in optional ns so if not needed, doesn’t make the bundle size bigger.