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moin moin morning


Going into the big smog today


Seen and I question the practice tho. The content is copy pasted from articles around. There are links to the original sources and article appear to be authored on their blog from the original author.


@reborg its not exactly like that


So people can contribute to the blog any time then we publish them


We also ask developers if we can post their content


So nothing is there without permission


if that makes sense? :thinking_face:


So @guy you asked somebody at uSwitch regarding the transducers article?


Me personally no, but yes someone from marketing would have


Articles can be removed at any time as well!


Just need to contact us and we’re remove it


Apart from that @guy, if you have original content, why republish other stuff? We have planet.clojure for news aggregation already.


It’s for Functional programming in general, it also gives a bigger reach to the authors who are not just clojure.




Hello everyone… 🙂


Quick question… If I create a 3-form component (as was being discussed yesterday) do I need to make sure that I explicitly tear it down, i.e. is there a component-will-unmount that I need to define or something, as I am getting an error going from one state of my app, to another and back again that seems to suggest that I’ve left stuff laying around that I shouldn’t…


(this is all because I needed to use non-React code inside a component in my app, and I got that working very nicely, but being effectively an SPA I was (before including this 3-form component) just over-writing the contents of the target div with the different components I have. Now when I leave the “page” that has the 3-form component(s) on it to go “up” a level in the navigation and then drill down again I get an error that suggests that I’ve left loads of non-React code “lying about” in the react-DOM) Thus: Uncaught Error: Objects are not valid as a React child (found: object with keys {options, _container, _leaflet_id, _containerId, _fadeAnimated, _panes, _paneRenderers, _mapPane, _controlCorners, _controlContainer, _onResize, _targets, _events, _handlers, _layers, _zoomBoundLayers, _sizeChanged, _initHooksCalled, zoomControl, attributionControl, boxZoom, doubleClickZoom, dragging, keyboard, scrollWheelZoom, touchZoom, _zoomAnimated, _proxy, _loaded, _zoom, _lastCenter, _size, _pixelOrigin, _firingCount, _layersMaxZoom, _layersMinZoom, _renderer}). If you meant to render a collection of children, use an array instead or wrap the object using createFragment(object) from the React add-ons. Check the render method of `Leaflet Map - ghana`.
    at invariant (
    at traverseAllChildrenImpl (
    at traverseAllChildren (
    at Object.instantiateChildren (
    at ReactDOMComponent._reconcilerInstantiateChildren (
    at ReactDOMComponent.mountChildren (
    at ReactDOMComponent._createInitialChildren (
    at ReactDOMComponent.mountComponent (
    at Object.mountComponent (
    at ReactCompositeComponentWrapper.performInitialMount (


OK, so I kinda answered this for myself… But I still have the warning / Uncaught Error… I added a :component-will-unmount which does an unmount-component-at-node based on the react-dom node reference that I have stashed in a ratom… Also, I was “def-ing” the resultant map object from the :component-did-mount function but I am now putting it into a (different) ratom. The maps now render every time, but I still get the error. I tried rendering the map object by wrapping the ratom deref call in (array …), but that does not work at all… Do I need to use the reagent equivalent of “createFragment”?


Dear heavens! The anguish! I'm watching my son and wife playing Super Mario Bros on the wii and they suck! mario-star


It's painful to watch. Painful!


I am sorry to hear that @yogidevbear 😞